Try, Try, Try!

My mother used to love watching old films, even the silent movies – the old black and whites with the flickering pictures. As a result, Mum loved the sayings of U.S. film vamp, Mae West. She’d often quote them, particularly this one: “I'll try anything once, twice if I like it, three times to make sure.”

Mum would shorten this to: Try three times – then give it up!" Whenever she said this, Mum had a dual message for us four kids: "Try, try, try. Then give it up if you fail" and "Give it up when you succeed – and move on to another success. "

Great rule to live by . . .

In my teens, I thought this was a great rule to live by. Try three times to solve that math problem. Try to date that girl three times. Try to launch that micro-business three times. Try, try, try. Then give up and move on, if I wasn't successful.

Also, when I was successful, I'd think, I’ve done that three times, so what’s new? What’s different? What to do next?Not a bad motto for anyone who wants to know, as I did, “How to be a successful entrepreneur?“

Looking back . . .

Looking back, I wonder if the ambiguity in Mum’s words explains why I have always sought to finish anything I’ve started – try, try, try.

It also explains, so far, why I've started 44 of my own new businesses, plus helped literally hundreds of others start theirs, and then moved on. Once you’ve succeeded three times at a thing, move on to succeed at another.

Shortened even more . . .

In this fast, fast, fast age, Mum’s motto gets even shorter. "Try anything once," says British conductor Sir Thomas Beecham, "except folk dancing and incest".

Also, "Try everything once," suggests others – like American adventurer, traveller, and author, Richard Halliburton, who lived for 39 years and was on the front page news for most of them. "I wanted to try everything once,“ smiled Halliburton. Why? To spend his youth while he had it and to give into every temptation before age removed his courage.

Of all his many adventures and daring exploits, Halliburton was best known for swimming the entire length of the Panama Canal and paying the smallest toll ever – 36 cents. His final adventure was to sail a Chinese junk from Hong Kong to San Francisco. He never made it. Fatal, but good fun!

Your motto?

So, what’s your try, try, try motto to be?

  • Try three times, then give up and move on?
  • Try anything once?
  • Try everything once?

I’d love for you to let me know!

Want to learn more about how to be a successful entrepreneur?

Then whatever motto you decide on, whatever your age, or current job, or current business, there is one thing I warmly invite you to give a really, really good try. That is to build an ethical, honest, home-based business, which has not one, not two, not three, but multiple streams of income. Maybe seven streams of income. Or even more.

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"If at first you don't succeed..."  I don’t need to finish that  - You know the rest.