Top 10 Small Businesses To Start In 2014

Many people start their New Year's Resolution with starting a business. There are so many to choose from, you can get lost trying to find one that is right for you. If you are looking for some of the top 10 small businesses to start in 2014, here are some suggestions.

1. Social Media Consultant

Companies that take advantage of social media to reach their customers have a potential reach of millions. The problem for the companies is that they don't always know what they're doing. By keeping on top of social media, learning the ins and outs of the networks, and paying attention to trends, you'll be poised at the top of the game.

•    Create social accounts.
•    Answer questions via social media.
•    Help choose relevant ad campaigns.

2. Application Engineer

Software programs that are used on phones, computers, tablets, and more help people live better lives. Whether it's by helping them find what they need or just chasing boredom away in waiting rooms, apps are here to stay.

•    Design useful applications.
•    Make money with ads.
•    Gain user insight.

3. Green Living Adviser

This job can encompass so many aspects of the green movement. With the trend leaning toward sustainable living, a smart business leader that can advise others on how to live a greener life could reap massive rewards.

•    Design 'edible lawns'.
•    Help homeowners save money on energy bills.
•    Decrease people's carbon footprint.

4. Personal Coach

Some scoff at this business, but the fact is that people all over the world will pay others to tell them how to better their lives. You can take courses that will give you insight on how to help others meet their life goals. This can be a satisfying career, knowing you've helped others reach their personal best.

•    Create longlasting friendships.
•    Help people reach life goals.

5. Professional Organizer

Ever watch an episode of Hoarders? Thanks to that program, professional organizers have seen a boom in work. People no longer want to live with a ton of stuff, they want to live simple, organized lives. You can be the person that helps them do that.

•    Build organizing tools for profit.
•    Teach others how to live better.
•    Help people dig out from years of clutter.

6. Elder Services Provider

The Baby Boomer generation is poised to officially become known as senior citizens. They will need many different services that can fall under the umbrella moniker – elder services. Grocery shopping or delivery, housekeeping, and even adult babysitting.

•    Start a home health agency.
•    Meet seniors in your neighborhood.
•    Help caregivers and families receive rest and breaks.

7. Personal Concierge

Our lives are busier than ever. There just don't seem to be enough hours in the day to get done what we need to complete. By offering your services as a personal concierge, you can help people finish their tasks on time and make money doing it.

•    Become a personal shopper.
•    Get paid to shop.
•    Market your skills as a life organizer by keeping track of important dates/meetings.

8. Specialty Food Supplier

At one time it was very difficult to find foods that were tailored to people with allergies or food requirements. Today most grocery stores have specialty foods sections for people that can't eat certain ingredients or choose to avoid others. You can become a supplier of specialty foods in your town or online and make 2014 your year to shine.

•    Market gluten free foods to those who can't otherwise find them.
•    Work with local grocery stores to increase allergen free food availability.

9. Retirement Services

Different from elder services, this is helping seniors find things to do with their money, their time, and more.

•    Make use of your financial training if working in retirement investments.
•    Open your own travel agency focusing on retirement travel.
•    Sell the best real estate in warm regions for retirees.

10. IT Consultant

More businesses are changing over to become fully digital. You can be the person that helps them incorporate all of the newest technology. This is a fast growing business and you can be in on it from the beginning of 2014.

•    Work with new technology.
•    Help local business become more competitive and increase local growth.

There are many more great ideas for businesses to start in 2014. New entrepreneurs can adapt one of the ideas presented above, or use them as a starting point for research on their own unique business ideas.

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