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Article Submission Guidelines

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Quality guidelines

All article submissions must be 100% unique, original content owned by you.

Submit your article only once- if submitted more than once on accident.

All submissions must be UN-biased, NON-promotional, and NON-sales-driven. We do not accept blatant advertisements, phony reviews, OR self-serving content of any kind.

All submissions must be NEUTRAL in tonality and informative in the case of reviews. We will NOT accept any review-based content, POSITIVE OR NEGATIVE. Reviews are accepted as long as they are informative and clearly objective.

Submissions must be a minimum of 400 words.

Submissions must be complete in nature. You may not lure the reader to your own site for the full article or for a continuation of your content.

Plagiarism is a crime and will NOT be tolerated. All articles must pass COPYSCAPE and be 100% unique. Those found in violation of this guideline can (and will) be BANNED from the site without notice at our editing team’s discretion. The decision to BAN any author will be determined by the severity of the violation.

Submissions must NOT contain inappropriate content, including but not limited to: pornographic,
slanderous, prescription drugs, firearms, alcohol, gambling, foul language, terrorism, narcotics.

Submissions must contain proper English, grammar, sentence structure and spelling.

We do NOT accept spun content or PLR articles of any kind.

We reserve the right to REJECT any article.

We reserve the right to make modifications to ANY article as part of the editing process.

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