Shopping The Malls

I used to love shopping the malls. I could spend hours going in and out of the stores, whether I had something to buy or I was just spending time looking at all the wonderful things the stores had to offer.

But shopping the malls ended for me when I developed a cyst on my lower spine, which ended my "Shopping The Mall" career.  Now, this is not an article about the down side of disabilities; rather it's an article about how to overcome them.  So you are going to get the bright side of not giving up what you love, and for me, that was how do I shop the malls regardless?

I struggled with my dilemma at first.  Like everyone with disabilities, it's hard to give in to them.  I didn't want my friends and family to know.  I certainly didn't want others to take me.  I wanted the freedom to spend as much time as I wanted, doing what I loved to do.

That didn't mean I didn't ever go shopping with others before, because I did.  Going to the mall with friends, looking at things, having lunch was always a treat.   I even went many times with my husband on the weekends. He's a real browser when it comes to going shopping, but keeping up with him got pretty difficult. Besides, that's not the shopping I'm talking about here. Ladies, you know the kind of shopping I'm talking about- it's the hard core shopping, the shop till you drop kind of shopping.  So I needed to come up with a solution to this new problem of mine that could work.

I was just learning the internet at this time, and discovered that I could do all my shopping in the malls with the click of the mouse.  Wow, what a discovery that was!  No more painful walking and standing, no more crowds and long lines.  And the traffic, well the traffic is another article altogether.  The great news was I could "Shop The Malls" whenever I wanted to . I could linger in each store, getting ideas on decorating my house, buying a gift, like Christmas shopping, or looking for something I have always wanted, but not sure what that something was until I saw it. Just because my body couldn't and wouldn't, didn't mean I wasn't!

Now, I haven't completely stopped going to the malls.  My time there is minimal, and usually it's more of a social activity with friends- you know, those long lunches you love to have?  Probably the way it should have always been. I wished I had discovered the internet sooner, huh?

So my friends, click away and enjoy what you love to do, shopping the malls. It couldn't be easier. And they deliver right to your door too!

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