How To Get Off To A Good Start With A Pinterest Invitation And Account Setup

Getting a Pinterest invitation has become more and more in demand, as the website has recently become a social media sensation, with similarities to Facebook in the way friends are connected, and to Twitter because users follow the activity of others leaving comments and ‘repinning.’

Pinning images gives users an opportunity to show the world what they like. Savvy ‘pinners’ guide their followers to their own content online such as their own website or blog.  They also promote by sending their friends a Pinterest invitation via email. The key to success with driving traffic here is the choice of image and the caption below the ‘pin,’ as well as the exclusivity of having to be invited.

To get a Pinterest invite, ask a friend!  Once invited, the user can sign up right away.  Once you receive a Pinterest invitation, click on the link in the invitation email to create your profile.  Without an invitation, new users can request an invite by clicking on the red "Request an Invite" button on the homepage.  Requesting an invite puts the user on their waiting list, and an invitation follows within a few days, hopefully. 

The popularity of Pinterest stems from the simplicity of its concept and ease of use:1. First users create their profile2. Next, users create Pinterest boards.  Boards are categories assigned to the different content posted to the site.3. Finally, users ‘pin’ photos onto their boards by one of three methods.

One method is for the user to upload a pin from their computer to the website. Users can pin images from websites that they find while surfing the internet, and add pins via the Pinterest "Pin It" button in the browsers bookmark bar.

The Pin It button allows you to add content without actually visiting the Pinterest website, so you can add content while browsing on the fly. This way users don’t have to switch activities and windows in order to pin to the Pinterest website. The content is added with a click of the button. If you search the Pinterest website for "Pin It button," you will get instructions on adding the button to your browser's bookmark bar.

The concept behind Pinterest is to use the site to curate favorite images and videos by ‘pinning’ them into the Pinterest boards. There is a great new resource online to help people get started; its called  There you will find more help in a simple, step by step tutorial that takes you through all the steps, starting with receiving your Pinterest invitation.

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