Pinterest Blog For Success

Once you go through the Pinterest sign up process, you’ll want to start your first Pinterest blog, with traffic coming to and from your Pinterest posts (pins) and boards, linking to your blog.  A board is just like a corkboard on your wall for pinning pictures, notes and articles, all grouped together by subject or category.  You create a title, which describes the category of the pictures on that particular board.  You can create as many boards as you like; one titled Favorite Pet Photos for instance, one called Pinterest Crafts, etc.  When you post, put a great quote or catchy phrase to share in the caption below the photo, then a brief sentence relating to your blog, with the link.  Now you are gathering interested parties and traffic via and linking it to your blog.

An easy way to start a Pinterest blog link, if you don’t already have one, is on, or  These sites all have free sign up options, and are dialed into large communities where your blogs will be seen.  It all works together.  Traffic comes to your blog, you have a link to Pinterest, your website, and vise versa.  Its all about keeping like minded fans in your community.  The site now has widgets that interact with Wordpress and Tumblr when you click on share at the top.  There is more detailed information about all this at

Let's say you sell handmade jewelry and crafts on your website or blog.  Posting by pinning photos of those crafts will bring in the traffic and steer them to your Pinterest blog, where they will ultimately be able to purchase your jewelry.  By gathering these pins into Pinterest boards, you will be creating a hub for like-minded fans of your wares to share similar photos and interests. You can have a link from your blog back to Pinterest as well, taking them to your Pinterest board, where they may follow you, just like people follow on Twitter.

To create your first Pinterest board, think of a name and go to the upper right corner of the home page on Pinterest to log in. You’ll see an Add+ button to the left of your username. Click on the Add+. Now you should see three choices in the center of your screen: Add a Pin / Upload a Pin / Create a Board.  Click on ‘Create a Board.’ This takes you to a new window, where it asks for the name of your board. Type it in, then choose a category for that board in the next menu item below the title. Your category is important, as it tells the website and search engines what type of posting it is. Read all the categories before choosing the best one.

See a step by step tutorial, see how to login and how to get invited at

Now you are ready to start blogging and linking to your Pinterest Boards, Pinterest Blog, Facebook, Twitter and other Social Media sites.  Keep your information fresh and entertaining.  Your readers will appreciate good useful information as well.  Also be sure to check for comments they might post, or questions they may have.

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