Your Mental Mental Health

Mental and Physical Health Play Important Roles In Self Improvement

Both mental health and physical health can affect the development of self confidence. Having a positive feeling about yourself, allows you to take control over your life in a positive way. Believing that you can accomplish your goals, leads to self improvement and realistic expectations of yourself. When you are in good mental and physical health, the goals are more easily obtained, increasing self confidence, which leads to self improvement. Many factors can influence your mental and physical health. Some may be inherited genetically, others may be developed through life experiences. The good news is that with treatment, your mental and physical health may be improved if you're having difficulty.

Common Mental Health Disorders

Mental and physical health are both influential factors of self-worth. Your mental health influences how you feel about yourself, others, your surroundings, and your abilities. Depression is a leading cause of self confidence issues. You may feel critical about yourself, and your abilities to accomplish goals. Many people suffer with varying types of mental illness, which can be debilitating if not treated. If you are experiencing depression or another mental disorder, you become a victim of the disorder until it is recognized and treated. Treatment of mental disorders can improve self-esteem, leading to self improvement over time, by setting realistic, obtainable goals.

Here are just a couple of common types of mental  disorders:

Mood Disorders- Symptoms are ongoint feelings of different levels of  sadness, or the inability to accomplish anything. There is little to no self-worth, and a feeling of helplessness prevails.

Anxiety Disorders- Ever been anxious? Multiply that by 3.  You tend to freeze up and have a hard time thinking straight.  It prevents you from doing tasks because you get confused, nervous and even cautious, causeing a slow down in your will to accomplish.

Mental health disorders must be first recognized, and subsequently treated. It is important to be mentally healthy, in order to improve your life. Recognizing symptoms may be difficult, and may be suggested by family or close friends, who notice a change in your normal behaviors. Poor mental health can be very detrimental to self improvement, if left untreated. If your specific disorder is treated professionally, you can develop a new outlook on life, and your self confidence will rise, leading to many areas of self improvement.

Importance of Physical Health In Self Improvement

Being physically fit can positively influence your mental state. Feeling good physically can improve your outlook, which increases your self-esteem. When you feel good, you are more likely to look at things in a positive way, which increases the chances of obtaining your goals. Whether it is treatment of disease, mental disorders, or simply a weight-loss issue, feeling your best is important to self improvement.

Some common medical health issues which may influence your self esteem are:

Eating Disorders- Binge Eating, Bullimia and Anorexia fall into this category, and interfere with self confidence and priorities in life.

Impulse Control and Addiction Disorders- Being ruled by impulse affects good judgement, and dictates your life. Alcohol and/or drug abuse also directs your choices in life, limiting productivity, and self-worth.

Sleep-related Disorders- Whether due to health issues, medications taken, or a life-event trigger, not getting enough sleep can greatly alter your overall health status.

If you are suffering from mental or physical health issues, do not be a victim. Recognize the problem, seek treatment, and the issue can be resolved in a positive manner. The various mental and physical disorders listed are some of the most commonly diagnosed. It is important to realize that experiencing these disorders is not something to be ashamed of. It is also important to seek professional help, in order to strengthen your self-esteem. Self improvement starts with recognizing a problem, and treating it, to feel better about yourself, and to be able to deal with everyday life effectively.

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