Lumosity Review

This Lumosity Review is brought to you by someone who has played a lot of online games.  I consider my self an authority (of sorts) on the topic; however, the Lumosity (Brain Games) site is more than just an online game site. It is way more. 

The site was established in 2007 and by Lumos labs in collaboration with scientists in neuroscience. By the time of this Lumosity review the site has over 20 million subscribers and shows no sign of slowing down.

I was first drawn to Lumosity in late February, 2012. The concept of exercising my brain was quite intriguing to me and I wanted a way to stay sharp mentally. Immediately I found the site quite easy to navigate and everything loaded without any hiccups. I stayed in the “free area” all of the first few days. Ultimately, I did decide to buy the service (I am calling it a service rather than a game and I'll explain why in 1 second) and I have not looked back.

For the purposes of this Lumosity review I will be referring to the Lumosity site as a service rather than a game because I believe that what we get out of the trainings is a real service to each of us and is not really just a game. Games are kind of a waste of time. Sure they are fun, but when you are done all you are left with is a tiny sense of accomplishment (or frustration), but really nothing in your world has changed. With Lumosity things do change. Your memory improves, your ability to focus improves, you can comprehend abstract concepts easier and it gives you rankings and comparisons against your peers in the world. This is a great personal moral booster if you happen to be in the top 5% of all subscribers, but the real joy is in the process of getting there.

There are a few areas of opportunity for improvement that I can envision for Lumosity and their service. I believe there would be great value in having the trainings and exercises more customizable per each individual. Currently, you can pick a personalized plan, but within that plan there could defnitely be more options.

As the months rolled by I could see that my progress meter was in a steady incline. One of the things that Lumosity does well is that it treats your brain like any other muscle. It doesn't just exercise your brain in one way. It gives your brain real elasticity and works you out in a variety of ways. In body building it is called muscle confusion and in the world of neuroscience it's called mental strength. Probably the single best thing about Brain Games is that the exercises are fun and will keep you coming back for more.

All told this Lumosity review is only my personal experience, albeit a positive one for its ability to give me something fun to do that also gives me lasting mental growth and physically manifests in the real world. This is something normal “games” will not do in my experience.

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