Kidney Transplant Benefits

Reading back through my previous posts about my battle with Polycystic Kidney Disease and my successful kidney transplant- thanks again Mom- I've noticed that I have dealt more with the negative aspects of my affliction and have made little mention of the positive. Here are some of the benefits that I have gleaned from this ordeal...

No more dialysis! While both haemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis treatments did replace my under-performing native kidneys for just over a year, these treatments were what my life revolved around! I was always watching what I ate and how much fluid I consumed. Hemo treatments were at the hospital 3 times a week, peri was 4 exchanges a day at home or work, and while on Nocturnal Peritoneal Dialysis I had to be home and hooked up to the 'Cycler' by no later than 11 pm every night. I was able to travel while on both Haemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis, although I needed to make arrangements for treatment at my destination well ahead of time. I now have a lot more flexibility in choosing my diet, I have no restrictions on how much fluid I consume, I can stay out as long as I like, and if I want to take off for a holiday, I just go! I have much more freedom.

I forced myself into getting back in shape. I was overweight, smoked, ate the wrong foods, and didn't exercise very much. I started riding my bike a lot a couple of years before my transplant, knowing that it would be quite an ordeal for my body, and that the better my physical condition was, the better my chances of surviving the surgery would be. I also cut back on red meat- I eat more chicken and seafood, and have tried to stay away from fatty foods.

Working out was not much fun while on any form of dialysis, because dehydration was always an issue. I used dialysis to get rid of my excess water, so I drank 2 litres of fluid daily, which would match what my body needed. Exercise, or any situation that would cause sweating, meant I had to drink more water. How much depended on how I felt- it was a 'best guess' scenario. Too much water and I was bloated, with no relief.  Not enough water and I would get dehydrated- that feels like having the flu! Those days are now behind me. I exercise daily and drink lots of water, and even the occasional beer.

I read the ingredient labels on food now- I know what is good for me and my dietary needs, and what to stay away from. I bring a veggie tray instead of chips or salty snacks when I go to my buddies' homes to watch hockey or football, so I'm getting my friends to snack healthy too! I don't usually snack between meals either, and if I do it's a granola bar or nutri-cookie. Eating sensibly is paramount in maintaining good health. My basic rule of thumb now is "everything in moderation," and it is working!

In conclusion, I would have to say that the greatest benefit from my transplant is the freedom I received-  freedom from watching how much water I could drink would be about the best of this freedom, along with being able to eat what I want, stay out late, and travel- and I can pee again!

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