How To Burn Body Fat

The best way to burn body fat is using a combination of exercise, diet and supplements that have been scientifically proven to aid in safe weight loss.

Let us look at diet as how to burn body fat.  Most people, even dieticians, think counting calories or reducing your calories with your diet is the best way to lose weight.  This is the major premise of weight watchers.  The theory works to a certain extent, but if you start eating more calories of the same type of food, you will probably start gaining weight again.

So what about looking at foods that will actually help to stimulate weight loss? The key to weight loss or burning fat is the body’s ability to burn up calories when is at rest. This is called thermogenics, which is the body’s ability to create heat. Scientists have identified foods that actually stimulate the metabolism, which in turn will burn more calories.  An example of this would be eating a dessert, such as a piece of cheesecake, which may be around 350 calories. Your body may use about 100 calories to digest this desert, but will have a remaining 250 calories that will probably convert to fat.  On the other hand, a stalk of celery, which has hardly any calories, may need the same 100 calories to be broken down and digested- this means you are actually burning more calories than you just consumed, which in turn burns fat.  Most of your fat burning foods are from natural sources. Some examples of fat burning foods are: broccoli, celery, cucumbers, cauliflower, black beans, brown rice, salmon, tuna, whole grain and fiber along with apples, oranges, and grapefruit.

Exercise is nearly the same principle as creating a thermogenic effect when considering how to burn body fat.  Cardiovascular training such as running, cycling and swimming will burn calories because of the heat produced in the body by the activity.  The longer the duration of the exercise, the more the fat burn.  An example of this would be riding a stationary bike for 10-15 minutes- this will probably only burn up your glucose and carbohydrates, but riding for 30-45 minutes will start to burn more fat calories. 

The purpose of weight training is to produce or maintain muscle mass.  The more muscle mass found in the body, the greater amount of heat thermogenesis is created, and an increase of fat loss is attained. 

What about supplements in regards to how to burn body fat?  Lecithen is a naturally occurring substance that acts as an emulsifier.  An emulsifier will actually break down fats and dissolve them. This actually works on cholesterol as well, and is beneficial for clearing clogged arteries. It can be considered to be an oral chelator.

L-Carnitene is an amino acid and is the substance that converts fat into energy.  This is done by breaking down the fat in the cells to fatty acid which then is used for energy. L-Ornithine, L-Arginine and L-Lycine are three amino acids to help release your natural growth hormone.  All these ingredients can be found in one product source: ViSalus supplements.

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