How To Have Self Confidence

Self confidence is very important to achieve the goals that you have set out for yourself, and to make your life a happy and pleasant one. When we have self confidence, we can accomplish anything that we set our hearts and minds to.

When we lack self confidence, we carry a type of fear that has been instilled in us along the way. These fears are brought to us by other people, who might have said something to hurt our feelings, or said that we cannot do something. People don't realize they are causing damage most of the time, but the fact remains that it happens. We all go through this, because no one lives a fully positive life; however, all of this can be reversed if we know what to look for and how to act upon it.

There are a few points that I wish to share with you on how to have self confidence, including knowledge of what I have put to use in my own life, which has provided me with a great deal of confidence. It is my hope that by sharing this with you, you can boost your confidence as well...

Make a list! Write down ten or so ideas of what you want to accomplish in life. Then decide which five are the ones you want to accomplish the most. Read these five ideas before you go to bed, and then again right away when you wake up. Doing this will keep these goals fresh in your memory. The more you read the list, the more you will be fired up to take action on accomplishing these goals.

Choose one idea as your main goal, and start putting it into action. Start thinking of what steps need to be taken in order to achieve this goal. Then start taking those steps. This simple process boosts self confidence by proving to yourself that you are capable of getting things done. Don't be afraid of failing, because that is how we learn. Mistakes are actually a gift, and we all make them. The more mistakes you make, the more you will learn.

Surround yourself with positive people. I found that this is the most important item on the list on how to have self confidence. When you are around negative people, you pick up on their negative energy and pessimism. I call it "the black cloud that hovers above," because that is exactly what it feels like to be around thse people. When you spend more time around positive people, the opposite happens. The  positive energy they have will become your energy. If all of your friends are negative, I suggest you find some new ones. Negative digs a hole, where positive builds a staircase. We want to be oat the top of those stairs!

These are just a few important keys on how to have self confidence. Apply these ideas to your life and start noticing the difference a few small changes can make, and be ready to be astonished as you in see for yourself what you can do. I have faith in you, now it is time for you to have faith in yourself. You can do this!!!

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