Franchise Ideas For 2014

There are many people who are interested in owning their own business. However, many of these people don’t get beyond wishful thinking. The problem for most people is that starting a business, finding a good product or service, creating a business plan and marketing and branding the business seems like too much work. For these people, buying into a franchise might be the best solution. There are many great franchise ideas for 2014 that those with enough money to invest should definitely look into.

The cost of a franchise can vary greatly depending on what franchise you choose and how big the franchise will be. While buying a franchise can be more costly than starting a business from scratch, the benefits are a proven business strategy, brand recognition and often ongoing support from the franchisor. While getting into any of the top rated franchises will cost a pretty penny, and as such is not an option for many new business owners, looking at some of these franchises can help potential franchisees figure out what they should look for when trying to find the best franchise for 2014.

The first thing to consider is what type of franchise to start. If you look at lists of the top franchises, you’ll probably notice that there are three dominant business types represented. These three types of business are cleaning, food and personal improvement businesses (gyms, salons etc.) releases a list of the 500 best franchises of the year, and this year the top spot went to a 24 hour gym franchise called Anytime Fitness. What makes this gym better than others? Well, it isn’t actually the gym itself – although it does have all the equipment of most good gyms and a special feature that lets members access the gym at off hours when it isn’t being staffed. However, what Anytime fitness focuses on is the culture of fitness and wellbeing. They put a lot into making it about people and their personal challenges and growth. They even have a special tattoo (that’s right!) that symbolizes a personal achievement, which the company will reimburse members for if they submit a photo and their story.

Another franchise that earned a top spot is Jimmy John’s Gourmet Sandwiches.
This company was founded in 1983. The then 19 year old owner famously got his business off to a start by carrying around armfuls of sandwiches and passing them out free to college students. The sandwiches were so good, these same people sought out Jimmy John’s, which at the time didn’t even have a proper sign outside. Nowadays, the sandwich maker distinguishes itself by offering the freshest sandwiches in 30 seconds. And their idea of fresh is way different than most restaurants’ idea of “fresh”. They bake bread fresh, everyday, and use real ingredients (e.g. their roast beef is sliced off an actual beef roast rather than a packaged, additive-filled product) and slice, spread and assemble those ingredients in record time.

Another great franchise, which isn’t on the top lists (yet!) but is quickly growing, is a window and exterior cleaning service called Men In Kilts. What’s great about this business is that they put a face on the usually anonymous cleaner; and they did it in a fun and entertaining way. Their tagline is “We clean. You enjoy. Just remember… No peeking!” It features men (and sometimes women) in – you guessed it – kilts! Not only do they have a great and memorable gimmick, they offer really good services which are in high demand. 

What makes these some of the best franchises for 2014 are the fact that they go the distance to set themselves apart from the competition. They take their customers’ needs very seriously, and make it about people rather than just about money. These are things that should be looked for when choosing a franchise to buy into.

These are just a few “real world” examples of successful franchises. There are also a number of online franchises that have been doing very well and have the added benefit of greatly reduced start up costs among other things. One such business opportunity is This company offers free online affiliate marketing training and also a turnkey online marketing business opportunity that anyone can use. Just like the businesses above, IIU is about people and offers continuous support and learning opportunities as well as a community of online entrepreneurs that business owners can learn from and share with.

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