Clean Eating Meal Plan

A clean eating meal plan is paramount to getting your body healthy. When you reduce or eliminate all the added enhancements to the food you eat, you will feel healthier, and you will have all the nutrients you need to keep your body performing at a top level.

Clean eating is simply eating food in it's natural state, no added chemicals or preservatives, no processed foods. When you must add processed foods, check the ingredient labels and look for stuff you can't pronounce- it is probably not good for you. Also check that there isn't a long list of ingredients. Three to six things that you recognize should be good for you. And wash your veggies!

What is as important as the foods you choose to eat is when and how much you eat. Break your meals into smaller portions, and eat more often. Have a good breakfast, split your lunch into two smaller meals, and do the same with dinner- you have just increased from three large meals into five smaller meals, without increasing your calorie intake!

You are now eating more often, so watch that you do not increase the amount of food you eat over the course of a day! You are now eating food in it's natural state, without preservatives, and chances are you will have to get used to the taste at first, but as you progress with your clean eating meal plan your taste buds will adapt, and you will start to enjoy the taste of fresh foods again.

A clean eating meal plan will help your body repair itself! If you are overweight, clean eating will encourage weight loss without you even trying; if you are underweight, your body will gain muscle and fat, and if your weight is in the proper range for your body you will feel and look better!

How should you structure your clean eating meal plan? Break your day up into sections, and have a bit to eat 5 or 6 times a day, being careful not to overeat. Eliminate snacking; instead, have a healthy snack incorporated into your clean eating meal plan. Check the ingredients in the food you eat, and don't put anything into your body that you haven't checked for additives.

In conclusion, your clean eating meal plan will help you achieve your fitness goals, gain muscle, lose weight, or just get you in better shape than when you started! Fresh food is always better for you! Good luck with your clean eating meal plan.

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