Best Small Business To Start In 2014

When it comes to taking control of your future, starting a business lets you escape the trap of forever being stuck as someone else's employee. If your new year goal is to become a business owner, the first step is to determine which of your many options is truly the best small business to start in 2014. Keep in mind that the best business for you isn't the best for someone else, and vice versa.

Crafting Businesses

If you're the crafty sort, there's never been a better time to start a crafting business. Attendance at art fairs, markets and boutique shops continues to grow, giving you an eager customer base for your crafty creations. Online marketplaces let you show off your wares to potential customers around the world, so you aren't reliant only on local sales. Handmade and repurposed items are the big trends for 2014 when it comes to crafts, although anything unique you can add to the marketplace has the potential to become the next big seller.

Online Businesses

If you have computer skills, put them to use making apps or multimedia products and start your own digital media company. Another online option is to start a business that sells physical products or personal services online. Affiliate marketing is a growing area of online business, and it can be lucrative for those who can develop a good website or blog following with an attention-grabbing twist. With any online business, you get the benefits of flexible hours and a global client base.

Local Services

If you've ever been frustrated with fixing a problem in your own life, that problem can be a clue to an unmet need in your local area. Build yourself up as the best tutor, apartment cleaner, pre-move packer, hard drive recovery expert or personal shopper in town and you can develop a business based on what people really need. Look for business opportunities where there are few competitors to position yourself as the innovator in your neighborhood, and investigate how people in other cities are operating similar businesses to get ideas you can transfer to your own locale. Advertise using flyers, local ads and word of mouth, then get ready for the calls to roll in.

In reality, the best small business to start in 2014 depends entirely on your own entrepreneurial personality and interests. Don't be afraid to brainstorm and come up with a list of potential business ideas before narrowing down your choice to the one that suits you best.

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